• Please don’t peddle my works for yours, put your credits

  • don’t post on your blog/site my creations without putting the credits


  • you can publish on your blog/site my creations by putting the credits

  • you can use my textures always putting the credits, please

  • you can change and possibly share my sim on condition that you put me in the credits


» Give credit if you want to include it in any of your cc, and please link back to my blog.


*The textures and mesh converted are not mine but of original creators

Request FAQ


»TS2 Request =Closed   

»TS3 Request = Open  

»TS4 Request =Closed(momentary)

  • I will only accept requests for skin, makeup, eyes

  • I also accept requests for conversions of skin and eyes

  • for any downlod I kindly ask if you could send the images to use as reference or base

  • If the download required you should send me the link is a conversion of the original creator that then I will link and contact

To make a request please contact me

Request List














TS requests : Closed                                               TS3 Pending requests : Status Open(January to June)


○ Frenchsim:

Lightnig mod -Pink-


○ Anonymous:


Gills make up

○ Psychetrip

Published --> Convert  ts4 skin - Mix Tones


○ Anonymous:

Pink  colors   "Saturenornian Skin"


TS4 Pending requests : Status Closed(momentary)


○ Anonymus

  • Insect skin conversion <--Published


○ Blood on my french fries:

  • Conversion all my Ts3 skin:

  1. Mermaid skin, Oak servos skin, Insect skin, Leaves skin,Ice giant skin, Indogene Skin <--Published

  2. Wind Skin

  3. Erisa Nyra skin, Stardust Skin, Planet Peach skin, Martini Olive skin, Saturenornian skin, Fire skin, Still life skin, Zombie skin, Steampunk skin, Mekakucity actors skin, Fire Amblem: Awakenung skin, Vampire skin v1-2 skin, Earth skin, Freckles skin v1--2-2 sof- 3 skin


○ Solistair:

  • Mermaid Tail conversion


Future Projects

Next Publication                                                                                                   Wip - My Projects

-Mermaid Skin V1 HQ Version  ---> Published                                                                            More colors   "Saturenornian Skin"

-Mermaid Skin V2 HQ Version  ---> Published

-Mermaid Skin V3 HQ  New Version  ---> Published

-Mermaid Eyes n1 ---> Published

-Mermaid Eyes n2 ---> Published                                                                                                                     



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